Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new year and new laboratories

Welcome to the SJI International Science Department blog! It is our intention to regularly post updates about the latest activities in the department to keep you informed about the fantastic classes and opportunities that SJI International science students are involved in. With regular contributions from our students we hope this blog will become an important communication tool for those interested in science in the SJI International community.

The year has begun with much enthusiasm and excitement. We have moved into brand new laboratories which are fully equipped with some excellent technological equipment and already classes are abuzz with students engaging in meaningful learning experiences. Dr Hjorth's and Miss Carter's Gr10 FIB classes have been conducting experiments to look at the effectiveness of washing detergents. Miss Kitchener's Gr11 Chemistry classes have begun studying atomic structure, making full use of the various interactive educational tools on the Internet. In physics Mr Bowen's Gr11 class has been examining magnitude and measurement by looking at things from the smallest particles in an atom to the size of the universe. Mr Saranam's Gr 8 class has been making their own salt crystals, while in Mr Bennett's Gr8 class they have begun to build scale models of the solar system.

Miss Kitchener is also running a Chemistry Club for students as part of the school's co-curricular programme and already many students have signed up. We hope to have them make regular contributions to this blog.

Overall it has been a great start to the year and it is fantastic to see our students so active and happy in not only their science classes but across the whole school.

Before we sign off, can you work out the name of the atom that appears at the top of today's post? Answer in the next post!

Jensen Hjorth - Head of Science, on behalf of the SJI International Science Department.